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General Dress Code Policy Statement for Oak Hill

Oak Hill Dress Code: Based on a survey of the members, Oak Hill members indicated that they value and support a dress code for all areas of the club. i.e., the golf course, practice facilities, and club house. Oak Hill seeks to achieve a reasonable position regarding dress.  All members are asked to dress in a manner that is consistent with the recreational nature of the club, which is not formal, but considered golf club casual. Members are responsible not only for their own dress but also for the dress of their guests and family.

Since the members own the club, it is the Board’s desire that the members support a reasonable, balanced policy and dress appropriately for a golf club setting.  Sweat pants, tee shirts, tank tops, cargo shorts and gym shorts are not appropriate attire.  Appropriate denim (jeans) are permitted in the informal areas of the Club, including the bar, grill room, and deck.  Denim (jeans) are prohibited in the formal dining room and on the golf course and at the practice areas.  Throughout the year several formal events as deemed by the House Committee will not allow denim (jeans) during the events.  Examples of these events are: Opening Weekend Cocktail Party, Member Guest Formal Dinner, etc. Appropriate denim does not include denim with holes or rips, frayed material, cut-offs, denim shorts, denim mini-skirts, work-type denim, bibs, painter pants, or jeans that are worn extremely low-cut or low-slung.

The Board of Trustees asks that the Golf Professional, Head of House, and their designees work to find a remedy for those instances of oversight by our members. The Board of Trustees has also requested that the Golf Professional, Head of the House and their designees report those rare instances where there are problems.